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Work Management

Take control of your assets

RAMM Work Management is the complete end-to-end solution for programming and managing your asset maintenance. Simplify your Work Management processes by capturing and processing work requests from different sources in one place. Use RAMM Work Management to configure, analyse, interpret, understand, report, and take control of your asset maintenance data.


Work faster

Dispatch provides a geospatial solution to manage different work types in one place. Whether it’s on an agreed cycle and scheduled, planned programmed work based on risk, or reactive work originating from Customer Service, they’re available on the Map and can be updated by API.

Use Estimate and Claim Review to control your budget. Analyse and group claim lines, automate entry and accept lines in bulk. Reassign, reprogramme, or cancel work to maximise your budget and efficiency.

Granular and customisable permissions means individuals access only data they’re permitted to.

Your mobile office in the field

Updating work requests in real time, emergency messaging, and locating nearby work based on GPS positioning is all possible with Pocket RAMM.

Pocket RAMM takes the everyday maintenance in Dispatch offline and outside.

Crews can work with multimedia information, perform asset inspections and complete inventory or cost management tasks during their normal working day; without the need for paper forms.

Pocket RAMM