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Map and grid video link

Do it on the map

The Map and Grid in RAMM are task-based and enable you to manage your asset records geospatially. We think you’ll find these the best asset management tools you’ll ever use.
The extensive Map and Grid video set is available here.

Logging in, Passwords and More

The manner of changing your password has changed with the advent of RAMM’s HTML applications. There are also issues with the Silverlight applications and the use of CITRIX connections to use the RAMM delphi apps. Find out more here.

Submitica Control and Submitica video link

Submitica Control and Submitica

Submitica Control is used by corridor managers to manage requests by utility operators, or their contractors, to access the road reserve. Access is required to make changes to electricity, gas, telecommunications, water, wastewater and postal infrastructure.
The Submitica Control video set is available here.

Submitica is the software application that CAR applicants use to create the CAR applications and to manage their side of the process. The combination of Submitica Control and Submitica is very efficient as they both use the same database.
The Submitica video set is available here.

Dispatches training centre

Dispatch in RAMM

Dispatch provides a geospatial solution to manage different work types in one place. Whether it’s on an agreed cycle and scheduled, planned programmed work based on risk, or reactive work originating from Customer Service, they’re available on the Map and can be updated by API. Learn more about Dispatch in RAMM here.

Use Estimate and Claim Review to control your budget. Analyse and group claim lines, automate entry and accept lines in bulk. Reassign, reprogramme, or cancel work to maximise your budget and efficiency.

Pocket RAMM training centre

Pocket RAMM

Updating work requests in real time, emergency messaging, and locating nearby work based on GPS positioning is all possible.
Pocket RAMM takes the everyday maintenance in Dispatch offline and outside.

Crews can work with multimedia information, perform asset inspections and complete inventory or cost management tasks during their normal working day; without the need for paper forms.

The Pocket RAMM video set is available here. This includes the set up and running of the Pocket RAMM Patrol functions.

Inspections and access control training videos

Inspections and Access Control

An Inspection is a record made in Pocket RAMM of a physical inspection of an asset or a dispatch. Inspections either Pass or Fail. The Inspections module has been optimised for contract patrols to facilitate adding jobs resulting from Failed inspections.
Access Control is the application used to manage permissions specific to Inspections. It is Role-based. Granting the correct security Role enables a user to perform the tasks they are employed to do and keeps them out of areas where they aren’t welcome.

The Inspections and Access Control video set is available here.

Asset Valuation training videos

Asset Valuation

Accurately applying rules for the valuation of the road network and its assets is vital to ensure that the best values are used. Asset Valuation defines these rules and applies them to determine the replacement cost for those assets.

Asset Valuation in RAMM also assists by calculating the depreciated replacement cost and the annual depreciation.

The Asset Valuation video set is available here.

Pavement and surfacing in RAMM

Pavement and Surfacing

In RAMM, your roads are composed of several layers. These may include the Subgrade (the native material underneath the road), the Pavement, (the layer or layers of compacted material which make up the base), and the Surface (the material laid on top that the traffic travels on).

With Pavement and Surfacing in RAMM you can add new surfaces easily, see a history of rehabilitation work, and view your road in 3D. Watch An Introduction to Pavement and Surfacing (11:13) to learn more.

Centreline Manager training videos

Centreline Manager

Maintain the centrelines of your roads using Centreline Manager in RAMM. If you receive your centrelines from a third party, the application enables you to readily compare the old with the new and to approve the one you prefer. You can also create and edit your own centrelines.

New Zealand RCAs should note that they cannot receive centrelines from CoreLogic until both parties have signed an agreement.

Learn more about Centreline Manager here.

An introduction to UDT Manager

UDT Manager

By using UDT Manager in RAMM you can create your own custom assets containing data relevant to your business. The assets are then available in all of RAMM’s applications, allowing you to maintain and manage them in RAMM’s Map and Grid.

Careful planning is required for complex assets, where links and relationships can be made between different asset types. To learn more about what UDT Manager is and how it can help you watch the video here (2:38).

Assessment application

Assessments in RAMM

An Assessment is the record of an inspection of an asset. You use Assessments for a number of reasons including to record the condition of an asset or its associated likelihood and consequences of failure (risks).

Assessments in RAMM allows you to create, record, and manage inspections of your assets. Use it to manage the overall condition of your network.

Watch Assessment application (10:48) to learn more.

Works Selection Videos

Works Selection

Works Selection produces a programme of replacement, upgrade or renewal works in line with your requirements and budget.

You create a scenario for your selected asset type with your parameters for the work you’re planning. Enter your costs and then fine tune the recommended treatments to produce a detailed programme of works to be carried out to budget and over your specified period of time. Watch the Works Selection Videos to learn more.

Western Australian Training Videos

Western Australian Practices

Nearly all of the user assistance videos apply to all RAMM users. However, there are three software applications created specifically for Western Australian clients.

Road managers use Pavement Rating Assessment to keep their road condition data up-to-date. They use Treatment Length Dynamic Segmentation to automatically segment their roads. Then they use Works Selection to plan their forward work.

Watch An Introduction to Road Visual Condition Rating here (5:05) to learn more.

ONRC Training Videos


The NZ road industry has agreed to implement ONRC (One Network Road Classification) on all public roads in NZ. So every RCA is required to classify each of the roads in their network according to ONRC criteria.

RAMM Software has created a special ONRC version of RAMM that enables councils to classify their roads at the press of a button, so to speak. Naturally, councils will then use their local knowledge to fine tune the result.

The ONRC video set is available here.

Hosting Administration Videos

Hosting Administration

Hosting Administration is an application for RAMM users and Client Organisations to manage user access to RAMM databases. The Organisation Administrator can add users, allocate initial passwords and maintain user personal details. RAMM access is also determined from within the organisation. Individual RAMM users can view and maintain their own personal details such as their own password. They can also view their usage of the RAMM Hosting Service.

The Hosting Administration video set is available here.

Other training Videos

Route Types and Route Subtypes

A Route is a path taken by vehicles of a particular type. It is displayed on the map in RAMM. You create your own Route Types and Subtypes. The Routes video set is available here.