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RAMM Software offers online training and, where available, structured classroom-based courses at various venues in New Zealand, Australia, and Fiji. We also offer bespoke training courses at client premises. Our bespoke on-site courses combine training material from our structured courses, as well as material requested by clients to meet their specific requirements.

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We’re offering the following on-line training courses. To enquire about any of our courses, please email Support.

A1 Introduction to RAMM’s Map and Grid Duration: 4 hours An introduction to asset management in RAMM including; viewing assets on the map and in the grid, customising and saving customised views, filtering data; adding and modifying assets on the map and in the grid; importing and exporting data; reporting. Asset Management
A2 Centreline Manager and Road Network Management Duration: 2 hours Adding and modifying roads and carriageways; adding and modifying centrelines. Asset Management
A3 Pavement and Surfacing Duration: 2 hours Adding Pavement and Surfacing records; theory; recording initial construction; reconstruction and rehabilitation. Asset Management
A4 UDT Manager Duration: 2 hours Creating customised tables to record assets not currently stored in RAMM and populating the tables or importing data. Asset Management
A5 Assessments & Pavement Rating Duration: 2 hours Creating and configuring Asset Assessment forms for different asset classes. Using the Pavement assessment tool to carry out a Visual Condition Rating of your sealed road network. Asset Management
F1 Pocket RAMM Duration: 2 hours Introduction to Pocket RAMM, RAMM’s mobile solution. Field Management
A6 Asset Valuation Duration: 4 hours Introduction to Asset Valuation in RAMM. Set up of a simple asset. Set up and valuation of Road Components. Asset Management
A7 Works Selection Duration: 2 hours Introduction to Works Selection, running Works Selection on a simple asset. Asset Management
W1 Finance and Dispatches Duration: 2.5 hours Introduction to Work Management Finance in RAMM. Estimating, approval and claims for complete work. Standard reports in the grid, customising and saving customised views, filtering data. Work Management
C1 Submitica Control Duration: 2.5 hours Managing requests by utility operators, or their contractors, to access the road reserve to make changes to electricity, gas, telecommunications, water, wastewater and postal infrastructure, or for events. Corridor Management

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