System Requirements

The following system requirements are recommended for RAMM:

Processor: dual core 2.4 GHz+ (i5 or i7 series Intel processor or equivalent AMD that’s SSE2 capable)
RAM: 8 GB (or more)
Hard drive: 256 GB or larger (Preferred solid state hard drive)
Graphics card: any with DisplayPort/HDMI or DVI support – desktop only
Wireless (for laptops): 802.11ac (WPA2 support required)
Monitor: 19” to 23″ widescreen LCD with DisplayPort/HDMI or DVI support – desktop only
Operating System: Windows 10 Professional editions
Browser: Chrome 64.0.x and above (Recommend latest version 67.0.3396.99 (Official Build) (64-bit)) or
IE 11 (Latest Patch recommended)
Note: IE 11 requires specific HTTP settings and Security options to be selected. Open Tools > Internet options > Advanced.

Select the following HTTP settings options:

  • Use HTTP 1.1
  • Use HTTP 1.1 through proxy connections
  • Use HTTP2

Select the following Security options:

  • Use TLS 1.0
  • Use TLS 1.1
  • Use TLS 1.2