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Make accessing your road reserve or corridor easy

Applicants use Submitica to obtain consent for work in the road reserve. Our user-friendly website makes it easy for applicants to plot their work on the map and submit the required documentation. Email links simplify work start and completion notifications. Fees and charges are automatic and clear. Applicants follow their application from the initial request through to sign-off of their warranty.

Manage the Entire Process

Manage the entire request process

Utility operators, their contractors, or other applicants such as event organisers, use Submitica to request access to the road reserve or corridor. Application types include Excavation, Non Excavation, Event, Emergency, and Preliminary. Requests can be managed in Submitica whether they were created in Submitica or through other application websites.

Applications Arrive from Submitica

Submitica and Submitica Control

Submitica and Submitica Control are your seamless solution for road reserve managers to evaluate and manage requests for access to road reserves under their authority. Integration with Submitica Control and other RAMM tools is seamless. Simply flick a switch in Submitica Control to allow your applicants to use Submitica for their access requests.

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Find out more about Submitica Control here or download a brochure.

Accepting access requests from Submitica in Submitica Control (below):

Accept CARs From Submitica

Application Approval

Submitica Training

There is a complete video set and a reference booklet showing the access application process and how to use Submitica. You’ll learn all you need to know before, during, and after submitting your application through Submitica.