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Submitica Control

Control your road reserves or road corridors

Road reserve managers use Submitica Control to evaluate and manage requests for access to road reserves under their authority.
Submitica and Submitica Control are your seamless solution when utility operators, service providers, their agents, and others, need to work in your road reserves.

Manage the Entire Process

Process applications for work in your road reserves seamlessly

Integration with Submitica and other RAMM tools is seamless. Conflicts with other applications, forward work, and maintenance jobs are obvious. Generate standard documents to send with industry standard messages using in-built email and customised templates. Record inspections and defects while the warranty is handled from start to finish. Billing is also integrated and can be automated.

Applications Arrive from Submitica

Applications arrive from Submitica

Submitica is the complementary online web site for utility operators, their contractors and other interested parties to manage the corridor or road reserve access request process. It shares the same database as Submitica Control. So Submitica Control and Submitica integrate seamlessly with each other.

Find out more about Submitica here or download a brochure.

Application Approval

Learn more about Submitica Control

Contact us for more information about Submitica Control and how it can help you manage your road reserve access requests better. Phone Graeme Norman on 09 475 0524 or 021 871 451, or send us an email if you’d like information on training.

There are a number of training videos here, more videos are available within Submitica Control, and a reference booklet is available here.