Submitica Submitica is the web site used to make applications to access to the road corridor. Applicants, such as Utility Operators, use it to alert the owner of the road, referred to as the Road Controlling Authority (RCA), that they need permission to work in or on the road.

Submitica Quick Start Guide

SubmiticaThe fastest way to learn about Submitica and how you can use it is to watch the Submitica Quick Start Guide below. It will guide you through the application creation process. You’ll learn how to confirm your start and end dates for the work. An overview of your Submitica options is included. You’ll be shown how to find help if you need it.

Submitica Quick Start Guide
Watch this video to quickly learn how you can use Submitica for your corridor access applications.
Submitica Quick Start Guide (6:28)

Create your Application

Submitica guides you through the application creation process. There is an easy nine step programme. Watch these videos in order to understand how you can do it.

Step 1 Setup
Step 1 – Setup is where you check that there are no conflicting applications and you select your Application Type.
Step 1 Setup (3:13)
Step 2 Where
Step 2 – Where is where you draw the work site and state the elements of the Road Corridor you need to access.
Step 2 Where (2:47)

Step 3 When
Step 3 – When is where you give an estimate of the dates and the length of time the work will take.
Step 3 When (2:56)
Step 4 Who
Step 4 – Who is where you associate the other participants with the application so they can access it.
Step 4 Who (5:56)
Step 5 What
Step 5 – What is where you select the activities that will be performed as part of the works and describe them in full.
Step 5 What (1:25)

Step 6 Traffic
Step 6 Traffic is where you select the level of traffic volume, add road closure details and upload your TMP.
Step 6 Traffic (1:30)
Step 7 Extra
Step 7 Extra is where you add reference numbers, relevant files and information to help with application approval.
Step 7 Extra (1:30)
Step 8 Preview
Step 8 Preview is where you check your Application details and update them if there are errors or omissions.
Step 8 Preview (1:23)

Step 9 Submit
Step 9 Submit is where you check for fees the permitting authority may charge you and then submit the application.
Step 9 Submit (1:14)

Temporary Traffic Management

Some RCAs will not accept applications unless Temporary Traffic Management has been defined.

In Submitica, Temporary Traffic Management captures traffic disruption data and displays it on a map. It is a combination of the Site where the traffic management activities will take place, the Detours, if any, around the site and the Road Closure Times.

Traffic management Sites
The Traffic Management Site is the entire area where the items used to control the traffic around the work site are placed.
Traffic Management Sites (4:09)
Traffic Management Detours
A Traffic Management Detour is a depiction on a Map of the path traffic takes around or through blocked lanes or roads.
Traffic Management Detours (1:56)
Traffic Management Closure Times
A Traffic Management Closure time is the exclusion time period for which the road users are to be excluded.
Traffic Management Closure Times (1:13)

Your Submitica Account – Overview

You configure your Submitica account so that you have the optimum Submitica experience.

This can be by setting your User Region so that the map opens at the most convenient area for you. You can control how often Submitica notifies you of events by email. Plus you can change your password. And there’s more.

Your Submitica Account
You configure your Submitica account so that you have the optimum Submitica experience.
Your Submitica Account (5:15)

Your Submitica Account – Details

Watch the videos below to be shown in detail how to make the most of your Submitica account.

Can Access My Applications
You can grant another user access to your Applications. This is useful when, for instance, you are going on holiday.
Can Access My Applications (1:18)
Can Access Their Applications
You can request access to a user’s applications if you’ll be handling their applications for them.
Can Access Their Applications (0:59)

I'm supervised by
Your supervisor can see all the applications that you can see, whether or not you are a participant in the application.
I’m supervised by (1:13)
I'm supervisor of
If you supervise staff, you need to access their applications to manage and audit their work.
I’m supervisor of (1:53)
Notification Settings
You use Notification Settings to control how often Submitica sends you automated emails and whether some are sent at all.
Notification Settings (1:58)

User Regions
If you add at least one User Region this personalises the Map so that it opens at the most useful Area for you.
User Regions (1:01)

Things you should know

The following videos are useful for those applicants who are unfamiliar with making corridor access applications. Please note that some of the videos display the original version of Submitica. These will be updated when time allows.

The CAR Process
Here is an overview of the Corridor Access Request (CAR) Application process from the application to the Warranty Period.
The CAR Process (3:40)
Application Types
Here’s an overview of the types of Road Corridor Access Requests which you can create and manage in Submitica.
Application Types (0:59)

Notifying Work Start and Completion
Five days before you start the works, you must advise the RCA. You must also notify them when the works are complete.
Notifying Work Start and Completion (1:55)
Understanding Charges in Submitica
Fees may apply to Road Corridor Access applicants. If so, they may display in Submitica. Watch to understand more.
Understanding Charges in Submitica (1:26)
Information for Submitica Bill Payers
Submitica Nominated Bill Payers and Organisation Super Account Holders have options no other Submitica users have.
Information for Submitica Bill Payers (3:43)