How do I save a file to my local hard drive?

In RAMM, RAMM Manager, RAMM Contractor and some other modules in the RAMM suite of products, there is an option to save a file to your computer. The option normally opens a Save As dialog. This enables you to save the file onto your machine or ours.

The default My Documents location you see is actually on our Hosting server. You may save your files there. More information is available on a page that describes this process in the Using RAMM guide here.

Your C: drive will have been given a different letter such as V:. This is indicated by the notation C$ on Client (V:) and if you choose this, then you will see a list of your directories.

If all else fails phone one of these numbers and one of our friendly and helpful support staff will be at your service.
Free (NZ): 0800 256 832
Free (AUS): 1800 196 213