Digicert Symantec Windows

RAMM Software uses Symantec Website Security for all of our website authentication (i.e. security) requirements.

Recently, DigiCert acquired Symantec’s website and related security solutions. Because of this change, RAMM needs to reissue its website certificates and is planning to do this by the end of July 2018. This change affects all web-based modules including the RAMM login page, RAMM Map, Dispatches, Pocket and Submitica.

Security changes such as this require up to date Microsoft patches to be installed on all workstations and client servers to provide a complete security chain. Any workstations and/or client servers that are not up to date with Microsoft patches may have issues using the new certificates. This may cause some web browsers to block access or display security warnings.

We strongly recommend all clients apply current Windows updates to all workstations, mobile devices and client servers. Closer to the date, we will send out a further communication giving an exact timeframe for the change over. Read more about the details of the Symantec acquisition and how it affects you here.