RAMM Staff at Eden Park

RAMM staff from left to right: Shaun Burrows, Fiona Derrick, Richard Gale, Grant Mackenzie, Graeme Norman, James Smyth, Portia McLaughlan, Stacey Verner, James Lawrence, Debbie Massyn, Maree Brown, Trish Koloszar, Glenn Manley, Michelle Viljoen, Campbell Newman, John O’Sullivan, Peter McClymont, Lauren Henderson, Melissa Kearney. (Absent: Bobby Peoples)

The 2018 RAMM User Group Conference for New Zealand was held on 17 May at Eden Park, Auckland. It was an opportunity for the users of RAMM to meet the creators and really see what it can do. The day was enjoyed by all who attended.

Conference Sponsor

Panasonic Business

The 2018 RAMM User Group Conference for New Zealand was proudly supported and sponsored by Panasonic for Business.
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There were presentations by RAMM staff on a variety of applications and new developments. These were followed by a selection of RAMM clients, demonstrating the different ways in which RAMM is helping them. The afternoon consisted of 4 breakout sessions covering a total of 8 different aspects of the RAMM Software suite.

The presentations are available below as silent videos. Most contain closed captions of the presenter’s notes.

Or press PDF to download the PDF version.

Auckland RUG Schedule

9:00 am Welcome – Graeme Norman, James Lawrence (or PDF)
9:10 am RAMM Map – Stacey Verner (or PDF)
9:25 am Asset Valuation – Peter McClymont (or PDF)
9:35 am Pavement and Surfacing – Lauren Henderson (or PDF)
9:45 am Dispatches and Pocket RAMM – Richard Gale (or PDF)
9:55 am Inspections – Fiona Derrick (or PDF)
10:05 am RAMM APIs – Debbie Massyn (or PDF)
10:15 am Submitica – Portia McLaughlan (or PDF)
10:30 am Morning Tea
11:00 am Client case studies
Case study 1 NZTA: Working together to provide insights to our partners and customers – Louisa Bloomer (or PDF)
Case study 2 The Road Efficiency Group (REG) Data Quality Project – Tony Lange (or PDF)
Case study 3 Stantec: RAMM – Beyond the End of the Road – Martin Hunter (or PDF)
Case study 4 Chirstchurch City Council Transport Contract Management Project – Mark Pinner (or PDF)
Case study 5 Selwyn District Council: Inspections – Trial and Implementation on Pocket RAMM – Mark Chamberlain and Ben Wong (or PDF)
Case study 6 Nelson City Council: CAR Billing Manager Module – Troy Chapman (or PDF)
Case study 7 City of Marion, Australia: Open Space Transformation – Fiona Derrick on behalf of Erika Comrie (or PDF)
12:30 pm Lunch
1:15 pm Breakout Sessions 1 and 2
2:45 pm Afternoon Tea
3:00 pm Breakout Sessions 3 and 4
Buildings in RAMM Breakout Presentation PDF
RAMM API Breakout Presentation PDF
4:30 pm RUG Wrap-up – Campbell Newman
4:35 pm Networking and Refreshments