Pocket RAMM

Pocket RAMM is the touch-screen application for operators in the field. They use it to add jobs, update assets, perform asset assessments and dispatch inspections. There are videos to introduce Pocket RAMM and to show how to use it in the truck, how to run it in the office and how to perform the initial set up so that it matches your business practices.

Pocket RAMM 2018 Release

Have you tried the new Pocket RAMM yet?

Pocket RAMM has a new look and feel. The map has been transformed. There’s been a change to the colours and icons. It’s easier to move and zoom on the new map. It’s easier to display information. And it’s easier to find your actions on the new tool bar. There’s been a change around in Settings too. Download and print the new Pocket RAMM booklet here and watch the video here (1:50).

Introduction Videos

Watch the introductory videos first. You can view them here.

Understand and Use Pocket Launcher

Watch videos to see to understand and use Pocket Launcher here.

Pocket RAMM Patrol in the Truck

Watch videos to see how to operate Pocket RAMM Patrol here.

Pocket RAMM Patrol in the Office

Watch videos to see how to run Pocket RAMM Patrol in the office here.

Set Up Pocket RAMM Patrol

Watch videos to see how to set up Pocket RAMM Patrol to match your business practices here.