The RAMM Hosting Service allows you to run our software without installing or maintaining it on your PC or server, using a standard Internet browser and connection.

The recommended web browser is Chrome, but we also support IE11. Other browsers can be used, however we do not support these (i.e. test our software with them).


We are very specific about what we will do for you. Check the details.
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Detailed below are the standard RAMM Hosting Service services offered.

We will do or provide the following:

– suitable facilities and functionality so that the client can access the RAMM software via the Internet. We will do everything possible to minimise hosting downtime (especially during the client’s business hours) and to maximise the client’s ability to perform their day-to-day tasks when using the Service.

– make available the current versions of the relevant software (i.e. those programs that the client has a licence to use). This will include the very latest versions along with previous versions as requested by the client. The use of this software is covered by the standard RAMM Software licence agreement.

– host an unlimited number of RAMM databases on the RAMM Hosting Service. However, depending on usage, this may be subject to review. We will load these databases on the client’s behalf and there is no restriction on the number of these loads. This loading service is for whole databases only (dbexport or road.dbs formats are acceptable) and does not include the loading of specific files (e.g. roughness, traffic estimates, rating etc.)

– perform nightly backups on all databases and ensure the backup regime is sufficient to allow the client to go back at least 6 months. As a minimum this will include a daily backup for the previous 5 working days, then 1 backup per week for the previous 4 weeks, then 1 backup per month for the previous 6 months.

– if requested, recover any database(s) off the backup regime as soon as is practicably possible.

– perform the database upgrade process that occurs after new releases of the RAMM software on all databases in the client’s control but only at the client’s request.

– perform overnight processing (e.g. latest processing, update statistics, treatment length summarise) on all databases in the client’s control unless specifically asked not to by the client.

– ensure that regular checks are performed on the integrity of the database data and index files and automatically fix these where necessary.

– if requested, supply a copy of any RAMM databases that the client has control of. The supply of this data will be on CD-ROM and will be in either dbexport or RAMM Manager database export format. There is no limit to the number of times this service can be requested by the client.

– provide each individual user has a limit of 40MB of disk space for their personal use. RAMM databases or online backups of RAMM databases are excluded from this limitation.

– provide tools to enable the client to view details and summary data of their usage of the RAMM Hosting Service.

Hosting Policies

What happens if a database is inactive, or you need a copy database? Check the details.

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Inactive Databases
Any RAMM Databases that have not been accessed for at least six months may be deleted from the Hosting Service unless it has been specifically agreed otherwise. All RAMM Databases that have been deleted in this way will be archived for at least a further 12 months.

Should you require one of these databases to be re-instated, please contact RAMM Support. There is no cost to re-instate a database.

Inactive Users
Any user, who has not accessed the RAMM Hosting Service for at least six months may have their login account disabled. Please contact RAMM Support to have an account enabled. There is no cost to enable an account.

Database Access
If you need access to a RAMM Database, please email us with this request along with authorisation (email is fine) from the owner of the database.

Normally this access will default to read-only. If you require additional access rights (e.g. to maintain asset data) then you should contact the appropriate staff member within the database owners organisation.

If you require access to a contract within the database then you must contact the appropriate personnel within the contractor’s organisation.

Whilst we are able to provide additional access rights, it is our preference for the appropriate client staff to do so.

Database Copies
If you require a copy of a RAMM Database to be made available on the RAMM Hosting Service, please contact RAMM Support and we will endeavour to make this available within one working week. There is a limit to the amount of disk space available on the Hosting Service, so we ask that these requests are only made if accessing an existing RAMM Database is not feasible.

You must supply suitable authorisation from the Database Owner before we can make the copy available. There is normally no charge for making a copy of a database. However, if more than just a straight copy is required, we reserve the right to charge for this work. Fee estimates will be provided and a Purchase Order authorising the work must be provided before we start the process.

Disconnected Citrix Sessions
If a Citrix session has been ‘Inactive’ for an hour, the RAMM Hosting Service automatically ‘Disconnects’ the user. ‘Disconnected’ sessions do not count toward chargeable time.

A ‘Disconnected’ session is left in the same state as the user left it. The user may connect back to this session by either using the Citrix Connection Centre in the system tray or click on the application icon from the login page.

A session is ‘Inactive’ if the user has not entered any data, clicked on any windows or used any menu items. If there is more than one application open then (if they are in the same Session) using any one of the applications is enough to keep all applications ‘Active’.

If a session is ‘Disconnected’ for at least 2 hours then we may ‘Reset’ the session. ‘Resetting’ the session closes down the application and any unsaved data is lost.

Users, with the correct permissions, can store multi-media items such as photos, PDF files, videos for assets within a RAMM Database. There is a limited amount of disk space available so we reserve the right to re-size these items where sensible or ask that they be removed entirely.

Terms of Use
Each Hosting user will:

  • keep confidential and secure their user log-in name and password;
  • immediately notify us of any actual or suspected access or disclosure of:
    • the RAMM Software, Documentation, RAMM Databases or the Hosting Services; or
    • any password, to any unauthorised person;
  • not access, copy, download, publish, modify, alter or change any database on the Hosting Service except for where they have explicit and appropriate authority to do so;
  • follow our instructions from time to time in relation to the proper use of the Hosting Service; and
  • not permit any viruses, bugs, worms, Trojan horses or other malicious code to infect the RAMM Software, RAMM Databases or otherwise be transmitted to the Hosting Service via their use of the Hosting Service, and will take reasonable measures to prevent such event, including by operating anti-virus protections and firewalls.

Hosting Fees

RAMM has various Hosting Fee options depending on the nature and frequency of use. Contact us for more information about these options.