RAMM Product Suite

Welcome to RAMM asset management

RAMM Asset Management

Manage all your assets where you can see them – directly on the Map in RAMM.

Use the map to visualise, analyse, interpret, and understand, as relationships, patterns, and trends are revealed.

Configure your own asset types with our powerful tools so you can manage roads, centrelines, pavement and surfacing, traffic counts, road corridor maintenance contracts, utilities, and more. Asset valuation and works selection modules are built in.

RAMM Corridor Management

Submitica and Submitica Control are your seamless solution when utility operators, service providers, their agents, and others, need to work in your road reserves.

They are used to electronically manage the entire road corridor access request process from the initial application, right through to the sign-off of the warranty.

Road reserve managers use Submitica Control to evaluate and manage requests for access to road reserves under their authority.

Welcome to RAMM Corridor Management
Pocket RAMM in the field

RAMM Field Management

Pocket RAMM is the touch-screen application for operators in the field. They use it to add jobs, update assets, perform assessments and dispatch inspections.

Updating work requests in real time, emergency messaging, and locating nearby work based on GPS positioning is all possible with Pocket RAMM.

Crews can work with multimedia information and complete inventory or cost management tasks during their normal working day, without the need for paper forms.

RAMM Work Management

RAMM Work Management combines budget and contract management with job creation, inspections, assessments, estimates and claims, data analysis, and reporting. Our software satisfies the highest audit requirements and provides an unprecedented level of transparency for financial spend on asset, operational, and capital budgets.

RAMM Work Management allows you to schedule regular maintenance work and manage your inspections with ease. Optimize your resource allocation as you view, analyse, filter, report, export, and print using our integrated tool kit.

Welcome to RAMM work management