Printing does not always work

If printing doesn’t seem to work yet the application you printed from seems to have finished its work this indicates that the print job is not getting through to the print spooler on your PC. This is likely to be happening due to 1 of 2 problems.

  1. If the print file being transferred to your PC’s print spooler is large or your Internet connection is slow then the file may still be transferring and you just have to be patient. If a file is spooling to your PC or actually printing then the system tray (normally on the bottom right of your screen) will have a printer icon. Double-click on this and hopefully the print job shows up in the list of current activity on your printer. Please note that you must wait until the print job has completed spooling to your PC (or to be safer, actually finished printing) before you exit the Hosted application. If you don’t then the only connection between your PC and the Hosting service will have been severed and you will be faced with problem number 2 below.

  3. Sometimes a previous print job has not completed successfully and the Hosting Service is still trying to talk to your PC to finish the job. Any print jobs produced after this are merely spooled at our end waiting for the first print job to complete. If the first print job was printed during a previous Hosting session you will have to delete the print job before the subsequent jobs will print. If this is the case then be prepared to lose the other jobs as well.

If all else fails phone one of these numbers and one of our friendly and helpful support staff will be at your service.
Free (NZ): 0800 256 832
Free (AUS): 1800 196 213