Pocket RAMM – Take a tour

Pocket RAMM has everything you need, right there on the screen. It’s all just a touch away.

Watch the following animated GIFs to learn what the buttons do, and how to change and move around the map.

Zoom in/out

Zoom in on the map by pressing +, zoom out using -.

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Show Location Pane

The Location Pane shows Jobs near to your location. Move the slider to increase or decrease the range. Press Show Location Pane to toggle the pane off and on.

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Find a Road

Locate a road in your database and choose a point on the road to display. Press Find Road and type its name. Select the road and press Find Selected Road. A point in the middle of the road will display.
Use the slider to move to the start or the end of the road before pressing Find Selected Road to display a different point on the road.

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Map Display

Use the Map Settings and choose to display Assets, Inspections and Forward Work on your map, with your Jobs. Use the Filters to control the items displayed on the map, too.

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Filter Jobs List

Default Filters allow you to view your current Jobs, or those you’ve completed and not yet synced back to the database. You can then choose how to sort your list, and display on the map only the jobs that are in the list.

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Add a Filter

Create Filters using combinations of criteria to match your requirements. Filter using Contract or Programme, Job Details, People, or Response Times. Using the Filters options you can create a New Filter or select an existing one to apply to your list.

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RAMM Filters

Filters created in RAMM can be shared with Pocket RAMM users. Select one of the shared Filters and apply it to your list. Update your map to display only the jobs that match the filter.

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Display Job Details

To display the details of a Job, double press the map icon or single press the Job Number in the list. When you Complete a Job, Refresh the list and the map. To locate a Job on the map, select the Job in the list.

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Add a Job

Jobs can be added to a point on the map or to an asset. Press Add Job, select the Contract, then the Asset Type. If Assets are displayed on your map you can select which one requires work, or select a point on the map to associate with the Job.
You must complete at least the mandatory fields before saving the Job, and can add further details after saving. Exit the Job Details screen to see the Job icon on the map.

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Add Asset

Press Add Asset to add a new Asset on the map. Select the Asset Type, confirm the location of the Asset on the map, and complete the necessary details.
The Asset Type must be displayed on the map.

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Create Inspection on a Dispatch

Create Inspections to check on work carried out in the field. There may be Instructions associated with the Inspection and you can add Notes about what you see, while you’re standing right next to where the work took place. Does the work carried out Pass or Fail your Inspection?

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GPS Trail

Turn on and configure your GPS Location services in Settings. When you move the map away from your position the bullseye will pulse, suggesting you Re-centre the map.

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Sync Database

It’s important to sync your database regularly – at the beginning and end of your day is best.
If you don’t sync for one or more days, you’ll see a coloured reminder on the Sync button.

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Add a User

You can add a user from the Pocket RAMM startup screen, and from the main tool bar once you’ve launched the map.
All users must have a RAMM Login. They need both synchronisation settings and work permissions for each database they work in.

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