The One Network Road Classification (ONRC) is a classification system, which divides New Zealand’s roads into six categories based on how busy they are, whether they connect to important destinations, or are the only route available.

The ONRC is the primary tool developed through REG to enable operational and culture change in road activity management. It facilitates a customer-focused, business case approach to budget bids for the National Land Transport Programme.

Follow this link to the NZTA web site to find out more about ONRC.



See how to find ONRC in RAMM and view the data on the Map. View High Category roads only and see what the other colours mean.

Use ONRC in RAMM to maintain your ONRC data, override and reset ONRC Categories. Add or remove criteria that affect the characteristics of a road.

For a full introduction, watch ONRC in RAMM.

ONRC Administration

ONRC Monitoring

All RCAs’ network ONRC assignments were last moderated nationally in 2015.

ONRC Monitoring supports national consistency and enables the Transport Agency to review ONRC changes within RCA networks.

ONRC changes made since 2015 are first checked, and then reviewed together with your NZTA Regional Investment Advisor. Changes could include new roads or roads that have changed purpose or function.

To learn more, watch An introduction to ONRC Monitoring.