In this first newsletter for 2015 we have very good news for users of Pocket RAMM, RAMM GIS, Submitica, CAR Manager and RAMM Network Manager.

We also farewell a highly visible member of the RAMM family and welcome back a dear friend.



Filter by Relative Dates

If you regularly need to see which jobs have been added in, for instance, the last seven days, you can now do this in RAMM GIS. You set up a layer and use the new Relative Dates feature. Then every day you open the layer, only jobs added in the last seven days (or the last month, or whatever relative date you select) will display.

Pocket RAMM


CSI Review Screen

If you want to check all the Claim lines added since a certain date without having to look into each Job individually, you can now do this. You filter the Pocket RAMM Job List so that you have all the Jobs you wish to investigate. You then open the CSI (Contract Schedule Item) Review screen and all the CSIs for the Jobs will be listed.

RAMM Network Manager


Unobtrusive Updates

RAMM Network Manager is used to make changes to the network itself. When the changes are being made, the roads and related assets need to be unavailable for editing by other users. RAMM Network Manager has been enhanced so that the period of unavailability will be so brief as to be hardly noticed.

Fiona Derrick


She’s Back

Fiona Derrick was with RAMM Software Ltd (formerly CJN Technologies Ltd) from the very start and for years was our one-woman support team. She is now our woman in Australia and she will be offering support and consultancy services for both our Australian and NZ clients, as well as assisting us with our training and QA efforts.

CAR Manager


Turn on Submitica CAR Applications

If you use CAR Manager for your road opening applications then your Contractors and Utility Operators are now managing all their CAR Applications in Submitica. This is automatic no matter the source of the Application. But Applicants can’t submit applications to the RCAs unless the RCAs have configured their CAR Manager to allow this. To see how to do it, watch here (1:55).



Major vs Minor CAR Applications

Major and Minor CAR Applications have 15 and 5 working days response times respectively. The CAR Application process in Submitica has been updated to handle this more intelligently. If the work is for more than 28 days the application is classed as a Project. Check out how Submitica deals with works with periods 28 days or less – Major and Minor CAR Applications – here (3:08).



Filter by Security Zone.

Even if you have access to the Entire Network, sometimes you will need to work only in a particular Security Zone. It is now possible in RAMM GIS to restrict the display of the items on the map to only those in a particular Security Zone for which you have permissions. You use the new Security Zone Filter option on the Layers Panel. Simple.

Pocket RAMM


UDT Data Validation Rules

You define Data Validation Rules so that the UDT assets can be added more quickly and with less opportunity for user error. Find out what Data Validation Rules are here. Once you understand the concept of UDT Data Validation Rules you can add them. Find out how to add them here.



Utility vs Private CAR Applications

Normally the entity behind a CAR Application is a Utility Operator such as Chorus. The Nelson City Council have advised that some contractor applicants are working for individual rate payers when they apply. So it is now possible to define CAR Applications as Private. No Utility Operator is then required. Watch Participants Associated with the Application here (4:50).

David Newman


David Newman Was Our RAMM Ambassador.

David had a long and illustrious career as a roading engineer before we snapped him up. As our roving RAMM ambassador, he travelled to all RCAs to help optimise their investment in RAMM. Now he and Shirley are planning to tour New Zealand in their camper van. We wish them both happy trails.

Google Chrome


Google Chrome users may receive an unwelcome error message.

Google have decided to reduce support for Microsoft Silverlight. As RAMM Applications and others in the RAMM Suite are coded in Silverlight, This means that users need to configure their Chrome browser before they can access the applications. The configuration instructions are available here. Watch this space for developments

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