RAMM is changing. The RAMM Map is being developed as the fast and convenient way to access your network data. RAMM Map is available from the LOGIN option above.

RAMM Applications is the portal through which you used to access the RAMM suite of software products. You log in to RAMM Applications through the Login (Classic) option at the LOGIN tab above. RAMM Applications is soon to be replaced by RAMM Launcher.

Using the RAMM Map
RAMM is now task-based rather than module-based so it is easier for the casual user to understand and operate. The Map is the centre of RAMM.
Using the RAMM Map (4:59)
Using the RAMM Grid
When you select Assets in the Grid, such as Footpaths, they become selected in the Map. Similarly, if you select assets on the Map, they become selected in the Grid.
Using the RAMM Grid (4:28)
Using the RAMM Filter
Now you can filter your RAMM assets like never before. It’s faster, more integrated and task-based. You’ll like it.
Using the RAMM Filter (3:22)
An Introduction to RAMM Launcher
RAMM Launcher is the new way to launch your RAMM Applications. Watch this to see its workflow and its features.
An Introduction to RAMM Launcher (4:23)
CITRIX and Silverlight
To optimise your experience with RAMM Launcher, you need to understand how CITRIX and Silverlight Applications launch differently.
CITRIX and Silverlight (5:02)
Change Your Password
You can change your RAMM password and it is really easy. Check out this short video to see how.
Change Your Password (1:23)
There are some short videos to explain certain blades. There is the Settings, Colour, Thematic Rules, Columns and Filter videos. They are all under a minute long. Sound is not required.
Introduction to RAMM Applications
This video introduces you to the features of RAMM Applications which is to be replaced in the near future by RAMM Launcher.
Introduction to RAMM Applications (3:16)