How does printing work on the Hosting Service?

All Printers Created on the Hosting Service

What happens in the Hosting environment is that you login to our service and start an application. The first thing that happens is that all of the printers available to your PC are automatically created on the Hosting service. These printers can only be seen by yourself and no-one else, with the exception of the Administrator will be able to see these printers.

Printer Driver Allocation

Each printer is allocated a printer driver on the hosting service based on the name of the printer driver you use on your PC.

Sent to the Print Spooler on Your Machine

When you print to your printer from an application on the Hosting service, the program uses the printer driver on the Hosting service to create a raw print file which is sent to the print spooler on your PC. Depending on the settings of your print spooler the job should start printing once a reasonable amount of data has been sent. You can tell that the job has started by looking for the printer icon in your system tray or starting the Settings/Printers menu option.

Printers Deleted

All printers automatically created by you are deleted from the Hosting service when you log out of the last application and there are no print jobs waiting to be spooled to your PC.

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