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Pocket RAMM in the field

Your mobile office in the field

Pocket RAMM is the touch-screen application for operators in the field. They use it to add jobs, update assets, perform asset assessments and dispatch inspections.
Updating work requests in real time, emergency messaging, and locating nearby work based on GPS positioning is all possible with Pocket RAMM.
Crews can work with multimedia information and complete inventory or cost management tasks during their normal working day, without the need for paper forms.

Pocket RAMM

With Pocket RAMM you can:

  • Perform inspections and assessments out in the field.
  • Locate nearby jobs based on GPS positioning.
  • Add jobs and attach photos of defects or completed work.

Pocket RAMM has a new look

Move the slider to view Pocket RAMM before and after the release of Beta version 1186.

Panasonic Toughpad FZ-G1 Tablet

Pocket RAMM recommended devices

We recommend and sell the Panasonic Toughbook and Toughpads for use with Pocket RAMM.

Engineered to withstand the knocks on the road and to operate in all environments from heat and sun to cold and rain the Panasonic Toughbook CF-20, the Panasonic FZ-G1, and the Panasonic FZ-M1 offer the best of all worlds for mobile inspectors and work crews.

Not all devices are created equal. Call us on (NZ) 0800 256 832 or (Aus) 1800 196 213 or email support@ramm.com to discuss your requirements and the costs involved.