Welcome to RAMM corridor management
Submitica Control

Control your road corridors or reserves

Submitica and Submitica Control are your seamless solution when utility operators, service providers, their agents, and others, need to work in your road reserves.

They are used to manage the entire road corridor access request process from the initial application, right through to the sign-off of the warranty period – electronically.

Road reserve managers use Submitica Control to evaluate and manage requests for access to road reserves under their authority.

Make accessing your roads easy

Utility operators, contractors, and even event organisers can use Submitica to obtain consent for work in the road reserve.

Our user-friendly website makes it easy for applicants to plot their work on the map and submit the required documentation. Application types include Excavation, Non Excavation, Event, Emergency, and Preliminary.

Email links simplify work start and completion notifications. Fees and charges are automatic and clear. Applicants follow their application from the initial request through to sign-off of their warranty.

Billing Manager

Your accounts receivable will thank you

Road authorities use Billing Manager to create and apply fees related to Corridor Access Requests. Fees can be charged from access application submission to the final warranty inspection. The fee data is exported to the authority’s accounts department for invoicing to the applicants. Billing Manager does not send out accounts. It provides the data for the accounts department to use in their billing.

The Billing Line Items are shown to Submitica users at the time they are incurred and are visible at the CAR Details page.