Claim Review

Use Claim Review to analyse and group your claim lines.

Network owners and contractors can present and accept claim lines in bulk.

Use Claim Review at all stages of the claims process to maximise efficiency in your work management processes.

Open Claim Review in RAMM

You’ll find Claim Review in the RAMM Menu. Set it as a favourite. Then it will always be on top and you won’t have to search for it.

With Claim Review open you can easily switch between contracts. Select from the open and valid claim headers to see a summary of the money being claimed.

How to open Claim Review

Review the money

Drill down from the Summary to view a breakdown of the claim lines by status. Drill down further to review the money for each claim line.

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Select a value in the Summary to display the list of associated dispatches. Scroll across to view all the details.

Review the claim line for a dispatch by selecting one in the grid. You have options to hold, accept, reject, present or move a claim to pending, depending on the current status of the claim.

See the money in more detail

Review the job

You can review the details of the jobs in the grid. Review them individually or as a group.

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Select individual dispatch(es) to review, or select them all.

Press Dispatch to view the selected jobs in a separate grid. Select a dispatch to review the details of the job.

Review the details of the jobs

Export to Excel

You can export the claim grid to Excel.

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To use the information in the claim grid in other software, press Export.

When the download is complete, open the file in Excel.

Export claim grid to Excel

Bulk Change Claim Status

You can select all the jobs in the grid, or only specific ones, to present or accept in bulk.

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With the jobs selected, press Bulk Change. Select Claim Status, then select the new status. Save your changes and the details refresh immediately.

Bulk Change is not used to move jobs to pending, put them on hold, or to reject them. These changes can only be made in each individual dispatch, with a reason noted if required. See Review the money above.

Progress Claim Lines in bulk

Filter to analyse further

Analyse your claim lines further using pre-set filters.

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Filters are available to analyse your claim lines further by Asset Type, Dispatch Fault, Network Owner Account Code, or other pre-set parameters.

Use fitlers to analyse claim lines further