Manage your Centrelines

Maintain your centrelines on RAMM Map using the Centreline Manager application in RAMM. If you receive your centrelines from a third party, the application enables you to readily compare the old with the new and to approve the one you prefer. You can also create and edit your own centrelines.

New Zealand RCAs should note that they cannot receive centrelines from CoreLogic until both parties have signed an agreement.

The following videos show you how to manage your centrelines with RAMM.

Centreline Manager Edit Mode
Update your existing centrelines using satellite imagery. Calibrate your carriageway and centreline breaks.
Centreline Manager Edit Mode (3:09)

Centreline Manager
Watch this for an introduction to Centreline Manager. Learn how to view and approve pending centrelines.
Centreline Manager (4:07)

Using Alternative Centreline Mode
Learn how to view third party centrelines. Compare them, modify them, and add them to your own network.
Using Alternative Centreline Mode (4:15)