Welcome to RAMM asset management
All your assets on the map

All your assets on the map

Manage all your assets where you can see them – directly on the Map in RAMM.

Use the map to visualise, analyse, interpret, and understand, as relationships, patterns, and trends are revealed.

Configure your own asset types with our powerful tools so you can manage roads, open spaces, playgrounds, buildings, water assets and more.

Value your assets

Accurately applying rules for the valuation of your assets is vital to ensure that the correct values are determined. Asset Valuation defines these rules and applies them to determine the replacement cost for those assets.

Asset Valuation in RAMM also assists by calculating the depreciated replacement cost and the annual depreciation. This in turn means that the appropriate level of rates and charges can be established by considering operating costs, including depreciation.

Asset Valuation in RAMM
Centreline Manager

Manage your centrelines

Maintain the centrelines of your roads using Centreline Manager in RAMM. If you receive your centrelines from a third party, the application enables you to readily compare the old with the new and to approve the one you prefer. You can also create and edit your own centrelines.

New Zealand RCAs should note that they cannot receive centrelines from CoreLogic until both parties have signed an agreement.

Road maintenance made easy

In RAMM, your roads are composed of several layers. These may include the Subgrade (the native material underneath the road), the Pavement, (the layer or layers of compacted material which make up the base), and the Surface (the material laid on top that the traffic travels on).

With Pavement and Surfacing in RAMM you can add new surfaces easily, see a history of rehabilitation work, and view your road in 3D. Watch An Introduction to Pavement and Surfacing (9:09) to learn more.

UDT Manager

Create and manage any asset

By using UDT Manager in RAMM you can create your own custom assets containing data relevant to your requirements. These assets are then available in all of RAMM’s applications, allowing you to maintain and manage them in RAMM’s Map and Grid.

Careful planning is required for complex assets, where links and relationships can be made between different asset types. To learn more about UDT Manager and how it can help you watch the video here (2:38).