Asset Management

Australasia’s leading solution for Asset Owners in the transport infrastructure sector. Manage all your infrastructure assets in one place.

Welcome to RAMM asset management
All your assets on the map

Integrated Map and Grid

RAMM’s integrated Map and Grid allows sophisticated
filtering and management of all assets and condition data,
directly on the map.


Create, record, and manage inspections of your assets
to manage the overall condition of your network.

Asset Valuation

Define the rules for the valuation of your assets and apply them to
determine the depreciated replacement cost and the annual depreciation.

Centreline Manager

Maintain centrelines received from third parties or
create and edit your own. Readily compare the old
with the new and approve the preferred centreline.

Centreline Manager

Pavement and Surfacing

Record pavement and surface layers as roads are constructed and
maintained, and then calculate the current structure of the roads
from the details and view in 3D.

UDT Manager

Create your own custom assets containing data
relevant to your requirements then maintain and
manage them with RAMM’s suite of solutions.

UDT Manager

Works Selection

Produce a programme of replacement, upgrade,
or renewal works in line with your requirements,
time frame, and budget.