Is there another way of printing?

If you are having problems printing on the Hosting service and the above methods don’t work, there are some other options. They involve sending the file you want print to your local machine and printing it from there rather than over the Hosting service directly.

Option 1

When printing, use the Send To Email option. When printing from the Hosting Service, select Send To Email instead of your default printer in the print dialog box. Click OK, and another dialog will give you the choice of emailing it or saving it – either way, it will first create an Adobe PDF file. The PDF file can either be emailed to a destination of your choice, or saved.

If you choose the email option, the file will be attached to an email of your choice – you can email it to yourself if you like, retrieve the attachment and print it that way.

With the save option, you should save the file to a folder on your local machine. The default save location on Hosting is the My Documents folder on your Hosting profile. To change this to your local machine, browse to C$ on Client’ (V:) – this is your local PC – and choose a folder to save to. You can then print the PDF from your local PC.

Option 2

Save the file to your local PC and print from the default application. Without printing directly from the Hosting Service, save or export the file, using the browse dialog box as above to send the file to your local drive. You can then open the saved file in the default application for the file type (for example, .xls files in Excel, .ppt files in Powerpoint) and print from within the application. For .qrp and .cub files, you can use our free CJN Viewer. See the Downloads page here.

If all else fails phone one of these numbers and one of our friendly and helpful support staff will be at your service.
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