Scheduled Maintenance on Saturday 1 August 2015

The RAMM Hosting Service will be unavailable due to Scheduled Maintenance on Saturday 1 August 2015. The Service will be unavailable from NZT8.00am to 12.00pm (lunchtime) for our South Australian and Western Australian clients, and from NZT5:00pm to 9:00pm for all other clients.

We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause and thank you in advance for your cooperation.

We will update this notice again once Services have been restored.

This notice was published at NZT3.00pm, Monday 27 July.

Welcome to RAMM Software Ltd

RAMM Software Ltd provides exceptional Road Assessment and Maintenance Management software to RCAs, their consultants and their contractors. We are committed to the continuous improvement of the RAMM suite, as our aim is to deliver to our customers, the most productive software experience, at the best possible price.

25 Years

For nearly 25 years RAMM Software has been developing and supporting the RAMM suite of software.

Our Clients

RAMM is deployed through a hosted solution to nearly 300 clients throughout Australia, NZ and Fiji. This includes all 66 NZ Road Controlling Authorities (RCAs) as well as the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA). In addition, it is used by engineering consultancies providing services to these RCAs, numerous contracting companies performing road maintenance services, well over 100 local authorities in Western Australia, and by Australian Road Controlling Authorities such as the cities of Adelaide and Marion in South Australia.

Our Software

The software suite, comprising the core RAMM products; RAMM, RAMM Contractor and Pocket RAMM, our field (out of office) solution, is used as the road asset and maintenance management tool on every publically owned road in New Zealand. The suite of software provides a robust asset database, with maintenance management and inspection tools available for all road asset groups, as well as non-road assets such as buildings, parks and other open spaces. All assets and maintenance jobs can viewed geospatially through its innovative GIS front end. The suite also includes functionality for asset valuations, works programming and treatment length dynamic segmentation.

News from RAMM

Here is a selection of the latest news.

Using Site Dispatch Templates

Using Site Dispatch Templates Site Dispatch Templates are very useful if you have field staff who need to perform the same tasks on a regular basis on the same Assets or at the same Locations.

Site Dispatch Templates are added as part of the Contract Patrol creation process. See how to do this here.

Site Dispatch Templates are Contract Patrol specific. They are available to Patrol operators only if they have been Associated with their Contract Patrol. See how to Associate them with a Contract Patrol here.

Watch this video here to understand how you can use Site Dispatch Templates and how useful they can be to you and your staff. (4:26).

Sign Off CAR Warranties

Sign Off CAR Warranties CAR Manager is the online application created by RSL to be used by corridor managers to manage requests by utility operators, or their contractors, to access the Road corridor. The handling of the CAR Warranty Expiry period has recently been upgraded so that the software automates much of the notifications and smooths the process for all participants. Plus, there are now four Warranty Statuses for CARs – In Warranty, Warranty Expiring, Warranty Expired and Completion of Maintenance Notified. Watch this video here to understand each Status and to see how to Sign Off a Single CAR Warranty or to Bulk Sign Off many at once (4:17). You should also watch CAR Warranty Expiry Process (5:41) to understand how CAR Manager and Submitica interact during the Warranty Period.

Shapes and Jobs in Pocket RAMM

Shapes and Jobs in Pocket RAMM. You can now add a Job in Pocket RAMM as a Point location but still give Length and Width dimension data for use in calculating the cost of the repair? Also when you want to emphasise that the Job applies to the entire asset, such as all of a footpath, you can make the shape of the job the same as the shape of the entire Asset. This makes the Job really stand out.

The Job shapes you create in Pocket RAMM can be viewed in RAMM GIS. But you’ll need to be a bit clever and configure your Jobs Layer so that clustering of Jobs is handled appropriately. Normally Jobs are clustered at all Zoom levels. Your Jobs Layer needs to be Clustered to Street Level. To see examples of how this all works, watch this video here (5:17).

CAR Warranty Expiry Process

CAR Warranty Expiry Process Excavation and Retrospective CARs are subject to a two year warranty period. This warranty period starts on the date that the Completed Work is Signed Off by the Road Controlling Authority (RCA) Auditors or RCA’s Corridor Manager.

This video gives an explanation of the Corridor Access Request, or CAR, Warranty Expiry process.

Both CAR Applicants and Corridor Managers should watch this video so that they know what they can expect to happen and what they are expected to do when the warranty period has expired.

Watch this video here (5:41).

Latest NZTA Crash Data Available

NZTA have released the latest CAS Crash data for download. The Crash Data is for the period up to April 2014 and is available here.

A New Google Chrome Issue with Silverlight

A New Chrome Silverlight Issue If you use the Google Chrome internet browser to access the RAMM Silverlight applications, you may find that the latest version of Chrome presents you with this error message. This is caused by the latest update to the Google Chrome Internet Browser.

It is not known when or even if Chrome will resolve this issue. The solution is to use Internet Explorer or Firefox. Unfortunately the latest version of Google Chrome no longer supports Microsoft Silverlight.

So you cannot use Chrome to use the RAMM modules written in Silverlight.

Using LINZ Map Imagery

Using LINZ Map Imagery Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) is a New Zealand government department responsible for a number of functions around location information. They offer free access to web service map layers for instance property titles, topographical maps, street addresses, road centrelines and Aerial photos. You can use the location information such as street addresses, road centrelines, topographical maps and aerial photography from LINZ to easily make web service layers in RAMM GIS. Watch this (4:35). The links and code strings you will need are available here.