Pocket RAMM

Pocket RAMM is the module of the RAMM suite of products which enables a user to run RAMM on a netbook, laptop, or tablet, and to perform contract, inventory and Claim management while mobile, in the field. Virtually all of the everyday maintenance ability of RAMM Contractor is present in Pocket RAMM.

Field work such as updating asset information, programming work, completing and claiming for jobs has never been easier.

Download and view the RAMM Patrol promotional brochure here

Pocket RAMM Features and Benefits

Read why Pocket RAMM is such a useful application.

Pocket RAMM Flow Charts

The Pocket RAMM Flow Charts help jog your memory when you forget a step in a process.

Pocket RAMM Videos

Videos are the easiest way to learn. You can see all the Pocket RAMM Videos here

Read How to Use Pocket RAMM

There is only a little literature for RAMM Patrol as most users learn by training.

Download Pocket RAMM PDF Help Files to Print and Read

You may want to download and print your own copies of Pocket RAMM documents.

Take a Pocket RAMM Training Course

Nobody may use Pocket RAMM until they have been trained.

Hardware You Will Need to Use Pocket RAMM

Save yourself technical and performance issues and purchase devices on which Pocket RAMM runs well.

Online or Offline Use?

Which is for you – Online or Offline?

GPS Units

If your Pocket RAMM device does not have an internal GPS you need to buy an external GPS device.

Devices We Sell – Panasonic Toughpad FZ-G1FAHJHBA Tablet

Buy an even tougher Pocket RAMM device which you know will work well.

Pocket RAMM Licensing Information

Read about the options available to purchase a Pocket RAMM licence.