Understand and Use Pocket Launcher

Pocket Launcher is the application which you install on your device to enable you to launch and run Pocket RAMM.

Use Pocket Launcher

You use Pocket Launcher to:

  • log in to Pocket RAMM
  • choose your database
  • choose to work Online or Offline
  • add users to a device
  • configure GPS on your device
  • check your connection settings
  • enter proxy settings if required
  • update Pocket Manager versions and use Beta versions
  • view database changes
  • send a database to Support
  • delete a database
  • reset all settings.

Watch the following videos to see all this and more.

Using Pocket Launcher
Pocket Launcher is the application which you install on your device to enable you to launch and run Pocket RAMM. This video gives you an overview of Pocket Launcher.
Using Pocket Launcher (1:48)
Pocket RAMM Pocket Manager and Pocket Launcher
If you are unfamiliar with what is meant when we say Pocket RAMM, Pocket Manager and Pocket Launcher, you should watch this video for clarification.
Pocket RAMM Apps Clarified (1:47)
Download and Install Pocket Launcher
You can’t run Pocket RAMM if Pocket Launcher hasn’t been installed on your device. Watch this video to see a demonstration of the download process.
Download and Install (2:58)
Log In to Pocket Launcher
To log In to Pocket Launcher you first open it by double-clicking the Pocket Launcher icon on the desktop. Then select your name and use your PIN.
Log In to Pocket Launcher (1:39)
Add a User
When you open Pocket Launcher you can add a user. If you share your device with other users you can add them to the device (or they can add themselves).
Add a User (1:15)
Multiple Users on One Device
Do you have a number of people in your organisation who need to use Pocket RAMM? Then you are going to need arrange the appropriate licensing.
Multiple Users on One Device (1:17)
Understand GPS Settings
You need to use Pocket Launcher to configure your GPS settings before you use Pocket RAMM in the field. Watch this video for a couple of useful tips as well.
Understand GPS Settings (5:39)
Device Information
You need to have the correct Device Information settings for Pocket Launcher to operate correctly. Also you can check your connection status if you are having issues.
Device Information (1:38)
Connection Status
If you can’t update Pocket Manager or if your Pocket RAMM Online won’t operate at all, Pocket Launcher may have connection issues. Check the Connection Status.
Connection Status (1:17)
Pocket Manager Updates
Pocket RAMM is being constantly updated and improved so if you don’t regularly update your version of Pocket RAMM, you will be missing out.
Pocket Manager Updates (2:03)
Production and Beta Builds
On the Pocket Manager Updates screen you’ll see that there are Production and Beta Builds. Let me help you understand what that means.
Production and Beta Builds (2:09)
Support Database Management and Settings
You manage your settings and your databases in Pocket Launcher at the Support screen. It is very useful, and in particular, when things go wrong.
Support Database Management (3:14)