What is Submitica

Submitica is the new online portal RAMM Software Ltd has created for contractors, utility operators and other applicants such as event organisers to create and maintain their Corridor Access Request (CAR) applications. The applications can be managed in Submitica whether they were submitted from beforeUdig, CAR Manager or from Submitica itself.

Check Out Submitica

Submitica is a publically available web site. Check it out here.

What is a Corridor Access Request (CAR)

Corridor Access Requests (CARs) are requests to corridor managers by utility operators, their contractors, or other applicants such as event organisers to access the Road corridor. Access to the corridor is required to make changes to electricity, gas, telecommunications, water, wastewater and postal infrastructure and for events such as Santa Parades and Fun Runs.
RAMM Software Ltd created CAR Manager so that Road Controlling Authorities (RCAs) could manage CARs using modern software able to access their RAMM database where useful.

Submitica and CAR Manager

If CAR Manager is for the CAR managers at the RCAs, Submitica is for the applicants whether utility operators, contractors or event organisers.
The beauty of pairing CAR Manager with Submitica is that they share the same database. So they can interact seamlessly.

Designed to the Code and by the Industry

Submitica, like CAR Manager was created after requests from the industry requests and includes features requested by RCAs and also by the utility operators and contractors who make CAR Applications.

How do RCAs Turn on Submitica is a public web site so RCAs don’t need to turn it on as such for it to work for them. If they want their CAR applicants to use Submitica to create their CAR Applications they need to do a small amount of configuration of their CAR Manager software. Watch the following short video to see what to do. As a bonus, there is another short video to show you how to have a link to the CAR Application Advice page of your council web site to be automatically available to CAR Applicants in Submitica.

Switch on Submitica CARs Submitica RCA Web Site Link

Switch on Submitica CARs

Your CAR Manager cannot accept CAR Applications from Submitica until you have configured it to do so. Here’s how you do this.
Switch on Submitica CARs (1:54)

Submitica RCA Web Site Link

Here’s how to set up a link so that all your CAR Applicants using Submitica will have a link to the page of your web site which outlines your CAR protocols.
Submitica RCA Web Site Link (1:51)

Learn More

There is a complete video set showing the CAR Application process and how to use Submitica to manage this. It is available here