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RAMM Training Video Library

Watching videos is the fastest way to learn how to do things. The RAMM Training Video Library is a free resource for all RAMM Users to demonstrate to them how to use our newer applications and enhancements such as RAMM Map and Inspections.

The Silverlight apps such as RAMM GIS and Hosting Administrations are also thoroughly explained.


RAMM Map and RAMM Grid

RAMM Map and RAMM Grid are task-based and enable you to manage your asset records geospatially. We think you’ll find these the best asset management tools you’ll ever use.

The extensive RAMM Map and RAMM Grid video set is available here.


An Inspection is a record made in Pocket RAMM of a physical inspection of an asset or a dispatch. Inspections either Pass or Fail. The Inspections module has been optimised for contract patrols to facilitate adding jobs resulting from Failed inspections.

The Inspections video set is available here.

Access Control

Access Control

Access Control is the application used to manage permissions specific to Inspections. It is Role-based. Granting the correct security Role enables a user to perform the tasks they are employed to do and keeps them out of areas where they aren’t welcome.

The Access Control video set is available here.

UDTs (User Defined Tables)

UDTs are RAMM database tables which you have defined yourself so that you can use RAMM to manage your asset and condition data which are not in the standard RAMM Set.

The UDT video set is available here.


The NZ road industry has agreed to implement ONRC (One Network Road Classification) on all public roads in NZ. So every RCA is required to classify each of the roads in their network according to ONRC criteria.

The ONRC video set is available here.

Pocket RAMM

Pocket RAMM

Pocket RAMM runs on touch-screen enabled tablets, netbooks and laptops. Operators use Pocket RAMM to add Jobs, update Assets, perform Asset Assessments and Dispatch Inspections.

The Pocket RAMM video set is available here. This includes the set up and running of the Pocket RAMM Patrol functions.

Access Control

Logging in, Passwords and More

The manner of changing your password has changed with the advent of RAMM Map and RAMM Grid. There are also issues with the Silverlight applications and the use of CITRIX connections to use the RAMM delphi apps.

Find out more here.

Western Australian Practices

Nearly all of the user assistance videos apply to all RAMM users. However, there are three software applications created specifically for Western Australian clients – Pavement Rating Assessment, Treatment Length Dynamic Segmentation, and Works Selection.

The WA-specific video is available here.

CAR Manager

CAR Manager is the online application used by corridor managers to manage requests by utility operators, or their contractors, to access the Road corridor. Access to the corridor is required to make changes to electricity, gas, telecommunications, water, wastewater and postal infrastructure. The CAR Manager video set is available here.



Submitica is the software application that CAR applicants use to create the CAR applications and to manage their side of the process. The combination of CAR Manager and Submitica is very efficient as they both use the same database.

The Submitica video set is available here.

RAMM Contractor

RAMM Contractor

RAMM Contractor enables contractors, network owners and consultants to manage Road Asset Maintenance Contracts. It has been optimised to facilitate the programming of network maintenance and the estimation and claims process.

The RAMM Contractor video set is available here.

Route Types and Route Subtypes

A Route is a path taken by vehicles of a particular type displayed on the map. An example could be a Route Type of Bus Route and a Route Subtype of Express Bus Route. Routes are a concatenation of adjacent Route Segments between two intersections.

The Routes video set is available here.



RAMM GIS is the RAMM Geographic Information System. You use it to visualise, question, analyse, interpret and understand your RAMM data. Relationships, patterns and trends are revealed. You can also capture external data sets for viewing on the RAMM GIS map.

The RAMM GIS video set is available here.

Hosting Administration

Hosting Administration

RAMM users and Client Organisations use Hosting Administration to manage user access to RAMM databases. The Organisation Administrator can add users, allocate initial passwords and maintain user personal details.

The Hosting Administration video set is available here.