The following files are available for download.

Pocket Launcher

Pocket Launcher is the way to launch Pocket Manager.

Pocket RAMM drop-down boxes

Some Pocket RAMM users are experiencing issues related to unresponsive drop-down boxes. Microsoft have released a patch to resolve this issue.

CLR Libraries for Pocket Launcher

Some Pocket Manager users are experiencing issues related to missing CLR Library files.

Citrix Clients

Citrix is the software we use to deliver the RAMM software to you over the Internet.

CJN Viewer

The CJN Viewer is an application for viewing QRP (Quick Report) files.

dTIMS FWP Application

Extract alternate Scenarios to compare with the Current Programme of Work.

MetroCount Import

MetroCount Traffic Executive software can be used for Traffic and Loading data.

NZTA Crash Data

NZTA has made crash data available to RAMM clients.


The TeamViewer Quick Support application is used to enable remote support.

User Guides and Manuals

The user guides and manuals are your entry point to optimising your RAMM experience.
Read or download the RAMM user guides and manuals here.