NZTA Crash Data

NZTA Crash Data

RAMM Software thanks NZTA for making Crash Analysis System (CAS) data available to RAMM clients.

This data has been processed and converted by us into a format which can be imported into RAMM.

Skid Resistance

Using Crash Data

The crash data can be used in conjunction with Skid Resistance (SCRIM) survey data to assist in determining those sites that may require resurfacing.

Crash data can be used from RAMM Map and is summarised per treatment length for easy analysis.

Crash Data in RAMM

Crash Data in RAMM

The files below contain crash data from 1980. It is current up to 20 February 2019.
Select your region and the file you require below. Save the file, and make a note of where you’ve saved it.
You import the data using RAMM Manager by going to Projects > Crash Data > Import.

Local Authorities

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New Zealand Transport Agency Regions

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