ONRC Performance Measurement

The One Network Road Classification (ONRC) is the primary tool developed through REG to enable operational and culture change in road activity management. It facilitates a customer-focused, business case approach to budget bids for the National Land Transport Programme.

The ONRC Performance Measurement App

RSL has developed an application to assist RCAs to fulfil their ONRC reporting obligations. At the press of a button, inspections are created on a randomised selection of network roads – ten percent by length of the carriageways per ONRC category. Some categories need only five percent inspected. Maintenance staff inspect the roads to ensure that they comply or perform as expected for a road of their category. If faults are discovered, jobs, linked to the inspections, are created by the inspector to remedy the defects.

This is all performed using the RAMM suite of products. The following videos show you how.

Understanding ONRC Performance Measurement
Here is a brief overview of ONRC Performance Measurement. Watch this first.
Understanding ONRC Performance Measurement (5:19)
ONRC and Access Control
Access Control is the application used to manage Inspections-specific permissions, including ONRC Inspections.
ONRC and Access Control (4:01)
Understanding ONRC Permissions
Everyone in the Performance Measurement process needs both Inspections-specific and standard RAMM permissions.
Understanding ONRC Permissions (5:48)
Setting up ONRC Performance Measurement
You need to grant the correct permissions, generate the ONRC Inspections and then manage the Inspections process.
Setting up Performance Measurement (4:47)
Running ONRC Performance Measurement
Each financial year you will generate your ONRC Inspections and Inspection Sets. Find out what else you need to do to run it.
Running Performance Measurement (5:51)
Performing the Inspections
The Inspection results are recorded in Pocket RAMM. A simple Passs/Fail system is used and adding related jobs is simple.
Performing the Inspections (2:42)
Classifying New Roads
New Roads in your network need an ONRC Classification. You classify new roads in the ONRC version of RAMM GIS.
Classifying New Roads (2:16)
ONRC Data is not yet available on RAMM Map. It is available only in RAMM. If you can’t find your ONRC Data in RAMM, watch this.
ONRC Data in RAMM (3:37)
Setting up ONRC Data RAMM
When ONRC was introduced, the ONRC version of RAMM GIS was used to classify roads for ONRC. Watch the steps here.
Setting up ONRC Data in RAMM